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Let it be known....TENN CREW OWNS. Mother fuckers! Damn, We are tighter than a virgin on prom night!

[This is all role playing. These journals are not the real celebrity's journals.]
*nsync, 901, acting, alcohol, alcoholics anonymous, anger management, baseball bats, basketball, beale street, beer, being bi-curious, being white trash, blue suede shoes, booze, brian deas, britney spears, bud, burning down houses, charles in charge, chattanooga, chewing tobacco, church, crawdads, dirty south, dolly parton, dollywood, drinking, drinking 40's, drugs, drunk driving, elvis, elvis presley, fighting, fired, forking lawns, forresst gump, friday, friday after next, fucking, furries, getting arrrested, graceland, granny's, hating lance bass, hating nqc, hating posuers, having sex, hicks, hooch, hookers, hooters, hunting, icy hot stuntaz, innosense, jerry lee lewis, jerry springer, jizz, juan ayala, justified, justin timberlake, kicking ass, killing pets, knoxville, kyle no name, loud music, louisville sluggers, marrying your cousin, mason jars, memphis, memphis grizzlies, millington, mooching, moonshine, mork and mindy, mother fuckers, n.e.r.d., nashville, next friday, nick chastain, ninjas vs. pirates, owning, owns, paint guns, peach cobbler, piggly wiggly, pillaging, plushies, prostitutes, public drunkedness, reefer, roll call, sex, sex goddesses, sex gods, sex with your cousin, signal mountain, smoking blunts, spreading pussy like butter, stealing, stealing icons from haters, strip clubs, sun records, tenn crew, tennessee, tennessee titans, the blue hole, the king, the sopranos, tonya mitchell, trace ayala, trace this, trailer parks, trucks, underage sex, we own, wigga's, wishing we were black, women, wreaking havoc