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Justin Time for the Party.

Trace's Birthday Party: the transcript

Beth is Rosie (8:51:50 PM): helllo
jr simbalake (8:52:06 PM): TRACE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
brit brat pinky (8:52:20 PM): happy birthday!
Cot Damn Trace (8:52:24 PM): THANK YOU!
Chasez H (8:52:27 PM): Happy Birthday Trace!
jenny mooches (8:52:28 PM): Happy Birthday!!
jlbassistant (8:52:28 PM): Happy Birthday Trace!
love sophia b (8:52:30 PM): happy birthday! again
Britty Ayala (8:52:32 PM): HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!
Cot Damn Trace (8:52:42 PM): ah.. thank ALL of you.. ha
Beth is Rosie (8:52:44 PM): HAPPPPY BIRHTDAY
Chasez H (8:52:57 PM): -claps- yay!
SuperDuperJF (8:53:08 PM): Happy birthday, man.
jr simbalake (8:54:08 PM): everyone sounds the same. all "happy birthday"
love sophia b (8:54:19 PM): happy birthday sexy beast
love sophia b (8:54:22 PM): is that different?
jr simbalake (8:54:28 PM): perfect.
Chasez H (8:54:32 PM): Well Justin it is a birthday party
Cot Damn Trace (8:55:13 PM): yea i like hearing my name being screamed
Cot Damn Trace (8:55:16 PM): it works for me
jr simbalake (8:55:32 PM): that's true
Beth is Rosie (8:55:34 PM): just put your arms in the air
love sophia b (8:55:39 PM): *laughs* guysss
jr simbalake (8:56:09 PM): welcome back ry
Mister Gosling (8:56:28 PM): hah. thanks
Cot Damn Trace (8:56:36 PM): how'd you get all these crazy people to this little ol' place?
jr simbalake (8:57:52 PM): magic man. you know i know a guy who knows a guy who slept with your sister who knew a dude...
jlbassistant (8:58:13 PM): he's got connections.
Britty Ayala (8:58:16 PM): justin! you weren't supposed to say anything!
Chasez H (8:58:21 PM): He's Justin.. need we say more
jr simbalake (8:58:25 PM): i'm sorry Bit!
Britty Ayala (8:58:30 PM): *laughs*
Britty Ayala (8:58:41 PM): I guess it was gonna get out sooner or later
Cot Damn Trace (8:58:45 PM): well atleast she's sleeping with someone important this time..
Cot Damn Trace (8:58:46 PM): ha. let me go tell Tony, Keri, JC, Dale and Tyler hey before we get completely nuts up in here.
Britty Ayala (8:58:51 PM): Hey!
love sophia b (8:58:53 PM): Daaaamn
jr simbalake (8:58:54 PM): oooooh, snap
Chasez H (8:58:59 PM): Ooh fight!
Cot Damn Trace (8:59:03 PM): haha
Chasez H (8:59:06 PM): -laughs-
Britty Ayala (8:59:12 PM): you've never slept with anyone important
Britty Ayala (8:59:21 PM): no offence to anyone in this room, except for trace
jlbassistant (8:59:30 PM): *laughs*
nyc akeys (8:59:48 PM): Damn...
love sophia b (8:59:53 PM): Well, Brittany, actually!
Beth is Rosie (8:59:56 PM): burn.
Britty Ayala (8:59:56 PM): Ooo! That was killin two birds with one stone!... beat that
love sophia b (8:59:57 PM): Just kidding
Cot Damn Trace (9:00:45 PM): it dont hurt me any... but might offend other people
jr simbalake (9:00:49 PM): dude. you missed matt and john. they decided they were gonna go get fucked up at black diamond. nick went to get them
Cot Damn Trace (9:01:14 PM): really? damn. is matt doin better?
nyc akeys (9:01:29 PM): What's Black Diamond?
jr simbalake (9:01:39 PM): matt sounds like a lawn mower, but think he'd miss your party?
Cot Damn Trace (9:02:09 PM): aw
jr simbalake (9:02:21 PM): black diamond's a pizza joint that has blues musicians doing like open mic all weekend
Cot Damn Trace (9:02:23 PM): eh, a little alcohol fixes anything anyways
nyc akeys (9:03:12 PM): I might have to go by there while I'm down here.
Britty Ayala (9:05:03 PM): yea you should its a hot place *chuckles*
Britty Ayala (9:05:20 PM): I've had a few dates there... but that was a while ago
Cot Damn Trace (9:05:26 PM): ah
love sophia b (9:05:33 PM): That place sounds great
Cot Damn Trace (9:05:36 PM): dont ruin my birthday with your gay date stories
Beth is Rosie (9:05:38 PM): never even heard of that place
nyc akeys (9:06:35 PM): There's a Grizzlies game tomorrow night.
love sophia b (9:07:07 PM): So Justin...wheres your gift?

jr simbalake (9:09:06 PM): my gift? huh
Britty Ayala (9:09:44 PM): she definately wouldn't, when i used my own money
love sophia b (9:09:58 PM): nevermind
Cot Damn Trace (9:11:10 PM): oh nice touch with that picture Jay ha.. i sure look more built naked
nyc akeys (9:12:22 PM): That picture was special.
Chasez H (9:12:27 PM): -sits down-
Cot Damn Trace (9:13:01 PM): special ed
nyc akeys (9:13:18 PM): rides the short bus kinda special.
jr simbalake (9:13:18 PM): sophia, teeeell meeeee
Beth is Rosie (9:14:05 PM): special ed is cute
Cot Damn Trace (9:14:27 PM): yep i rode the short bus for years.. but it looked bigger when i was little
brit brat pinky (9:14:29 PM): hey y'all! im alive, yes. who's the retard?
Cot Damn Trace (9:14:37 PM): you
jr simbalake (9:14:38 PM): you fo' sho
jr simbalake (9:14:40 PM): ahahaaa
Britty Ayala (9:14:41 PM): you
Britty Ayala (9:14:43 PM): *laughs*
Cot Damn Trace (9:14:50 PM): who the hell asks that?!
jr simbalake (9:15:02 PM): retards?
Chasez H (9:15:11 PM): -yawns- Justin get this party started already..
Cot Damn Trace (9:15:18 PM): why am i not drunk yet?
jr simbalake (9:15:50 PM): cause we need to belly up to the bar, T. let's go. *walks trace over to the bar and orders twenty four shots of jack*
love sophia b (9:16:11 PM): Oooooh, Justin...the gift you told ME about.
Cot Damn Trace (9:16:14 PM): Yes, now this it beautiful
jlbassistant (9:16:43 PM): holy crap
Cot Damn Trace (9:16:56 PM): *sits down and starts throwing them back*
jr simbalake (9:17:26 PM): *looks back at sophia* what gift? i'm confussled *starts doing shots with trace*
Cot Damn Trace (9:18:23 PM): *gives sophia a funny look and keeps drinkin*
love sophia b (9:18:29 PM): Are you that drunk already?
Chasez H (9:19:03 PM): -walks over to Joey and smiles sweetly- Hi Joey
Britty Ayala (9:19:09 PM): I am not just gonna sit hit, can I have one?
Britty Ayala (9:19:13 PM): here*
SuperDuperJF (9:19:30 PM): Yo.
jr simbalake (9:19:35 PM): joeeeeeyyyyyy
Chasez H (9:19:42 PM): Whats up?
jr simbalake (9:19:57 PM): trace's present, sophia? i gave'd it to him
Cot Damn Trace (9:20:01 PM): eh, one.. and you gotta do a shot of jack with no chaser and thats it
love sophia b (9:20:10 PM): Alrighttt.
Britty Ayala (9:20:19 PM): thats it?? *sighs* Alright
nyc akeys (9:20:22 PM): *goes up to the bar and orders a jack&coke*
SuperDuperJF (9:20:31 PM): Jussin!
love sophia b (9:20:51 PM): *goes to the bar and orders a drink she herself and jesse. hands it to him* here darlin...
jlbassistant (9:21:02 PM): thanks sophia

love sophia b (9:21:20 PM): Mhm...
jr simbalake (9:21:56 PM): man, fatone. can i be your love muffin' while jc and tony are out on the patio getting high?
Cot Damn Trace (9:22:35 PM): geez those greedy bastards
jr simbalake (9:22:55 PM): oh snap! that's what tony got you for your birthday. he told me to send you out there
Chasez H (9:23:00 PM): -shakes her head and walks over to the bar getting a drink-
SuperDuperJF (9:23:03 PM): Maaybe. If you buy me drinks.
jr simbalake (9:23:18 PM): *puts my arm around heather, smiles and pays for her drink*
Chasez H (9:23:19 PM): -waves to her brother as he walks in and goes to the bar-
Chasez H (9:23:30 PM): Aw, thanks
fatonethis (9:23:53 PM): now everyone can start having fun
Cot Damn Trace (9:23:57 PM): *finishes his last shot* yea budddy
nyc akeys (9:24:10 PM): *sips her drink and spots Steven* It's my other favorite Italian!
fatonethis (9:25:00 PM): hello sister in law
SuperDuperJF (9:25:26 PM): /walks over to her, slipping an arm around her waist/ But I'm the first favorite! Sup, man?
nyc akeys (9:25:38 PM): *scrunches her nose, laughing*
nyc akeys (9:25:46 PM): *moves to the bar to talk to Christina*
jr simbalake (9:26:09 PM): *sticks his bottom lip out, pouting at alicia* i should be the favorite
Chasez H (9:26:29 PM): -smiles- Justin you're my favorite.. if that helps
nyc akeys (9:26:50 PM): Don't pout at me Jay. You know I can't handle your pout. *smiles*
jr simbalake (9:26:57 PM): i shouuuld be
Cot Damn Trace (9:27:27 PM): ahh
Beth is Rosie (9:27:35 PM): *hums bopping her head and drinks her drink*
jlbassistant (9:27:37 PM): i thought justin was everyones favorite
Cot Damn Trace (9:27:47 PM): mexicans are hotter than italians
love sophia b (9:27:51 PM): i think he is.
SuperDuperJF (9:28:02 PM): Psh.
Britty Ayala (9:28:07 PM): mexicans are definately hotter than italians
nyc akeys (9:28:14 PM): JC is my favorite. *grins and sticks out her tongue*
Cot Damn Trace (9:28:24 PM): boooooooo! Alicia!
love sophia b (9:28:25 PM): I cant choose between mexicans and italians...theyre both sexy
Chasez H (9:28:29 PM): Pft.. JC -laughs-
SuperDuperJF (9:28:34 PM): Oh, boo and hiss. /chuckles/ That's right, Trace!
jr simbalake (9:28:44 PM): now i'm hurt.
Cot Damn Trace (9:28:49 PM): bad choice, he smells
love sophia b (9:29:16 PM): *looks at Jesse and whispers* Lance is my favorite.
Chasez H (9:29:20 PM): Why are you hurt Justin..?
fatonethis (9:29:21 PM): *shouts* HERE I AM BABY! SIGNED SEALED DELIVERD I'M YOURS
jlbassistant (9:29:27 PM): *whispers to Sophia* me too
nyc akeys (9:29:47 PM): Jay, I should be the hurt one! You replaced me!
Beth is Rosie (9:29:50 PM): well i see steve is here he can strip now mmhmm
Cot Damn Trace (9:29:58 PM): noooo
jr simbalake (9:30:00 PM): eh. *tosses another shot back*
Cot Damn Trace (9:30:07 PM): steve can keep his clothes on
love sophia b (9:30:10 PM): *winks* Another drink?
SuperDuperJF (9:30:27 PM): Please, yes. Keep them on.
Beth is Rosie (9:30:29 PM): *laughs*
nyc akeys (9:30:36 PM): *slips over to Justin and gives him a big hug* You know I loooooove you, Jaaaay.
fatonethis (9:30:58 PM): *goes up behind joey pretending to freak on him* lets go

Britty Ayala (9:31:05 PM): *takes a shot from justin and takes it* (u get my drift)
BlondieMandyAsh (9:31:21 PM): 'ello
jr simbalake (9:31:45 PM): oooooh, maaaandaaaay! you came and you gaaaave without taaaakin'
Cot Damn Trace (9:31:56 PM): haha
jenny mooches (9:31:57 PM): Mandy!
SuperDuperJF (9:31:57 PM): /makes a face and ducks from under him/ Blech! I'm scarred for life.
Chasez H (9:31:58 PM): -sips her drink and sits at the bar thinking to herself-
jr simbalake (9:32:01 PM): fuck *points at mandy* she's my favorite blonde, EVAH!!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:32:05 PM): *laughs* seems I joined at the right time!
fatonethis (9:32:25 PM): *jumps on joeys back*
fatonethis (9:32:34 PM): 2 for the price of one
jlbassistant (9:32:42 PM): that's a lot of fatone right there
Cot Damn Trace (9:33:06 PM): a little too much fatone
SuperDuperJF (9:33:08 PM): 'Cause Steve here has got a fat ass. /smacks it hard/
jr simbalake (9:33:14 PM): fatone's are scary
Britty Ayala (9:33:21 PM): *walks over to heather* Hey girl
fatonethis (9:33:23 PM): skinnier than you fatty
jr simbalake (9:33:32 PM): i'm fat?
fatonethis (9:33:35 PM): justin you love m. lying is for suckers
Chasez H (9:33:38 PM): -smiles- Hi
SuperDuperJF (9:33:39 PM): I thought you were my love muffin. /dumps Steve off/ Punk.
fatonethis (9:33:40 PM): joey is
fatonethis (9:33:49 PM): i'm the skinny fatone
jr simbalake (9:33:52 PM): you all so mean!
fatonethis (9:34:50 PM): *jumps on justin* i'm 100% love
nyc akeys (9:34:56 PM): Well he's the cream to my oreo.
Cot Damn Trace (9:35:38 PM): why are there so many different kinds of oreos now>
nyc akeys (9:35:46 PM): Original is the best.
Chasez H (9:35:48 PM): -looks ta brit drinking her drink- And we are friends with these people
Cot Damn Trace (9:36:07 PM): for years.. all you had to say was oreos.. now its like you gotta say which one
jlbassistant (9:36:13 PM): *busts out laughing at Steve*
BlondieMandyAsh (9:36:16 PM): Jenny you're quiet
jenny mooches (9:36:29 PM): I know..
Britty Ayala (9:36:30 PM): *laughs* I have no clue
fatonethis (9:36:38 PM): *perks up* jesse.....?
nyc akeys (9:36:44 PM): All the other oreos are lame.
Britty Ayala (9:36:49 PM): After a few more drinks we won't know who they are hopefully
Chasez H (9:36:51 PM): -finishes her drink and gets another-
jlbassistant (9:36:52 PM): just the 100% love comment made me laugh
BlondieMandyAsh (9:36:56 PM): why?
Chasez H (9:36:58 PM): I hope so
Britty Ayala (9:37:12 PM): What you drinkin?
Beth is Rosie (9:37:14 PM): mm oreo cheese cake.
Chasez H (9:37:19 PM): Carona
love sophia b (9:37:20 PM): Oh Lord...*takes a sip of her drink*
jenny mooches (9:37:21 PM): no special reason manny
Cot Damn Trace (9:37:29 PM): cheeeeeeeeese cake
fatonethis (9:37:35 PM): don't make me jump on you too boy\
jr simbalake (9:37:42 PM): i'm ...whoa.
jlbassistant (9:37:43 PM): oh, no, that's okay. Thanks
BlondieMandyAsh (9:37:43 PM): are you a bit tipsy too?
Beth is Rosie (9:37:48 PM): i'll make one laaaaaaaaaaaater
nyc akeys (9:37:54 PM): Your love is like whoa?
fatonethis (9:38:05 PM): i think i mihgtr have to
Beth is Rosie (9:38:11 PM): my ass is like whoa.
Beth is Rosie (9:38:17 PM): i'll be right back
fatonethis (9:38:24 PM): damn beth sure is
Cot Damn Trace (9:38:34 PM): mya looks like whoa in that video.. very well done fo' sho
Cot Damn Trace (9:39:14 PM): welcome back Jennaaay
jenny mooches (9:39:18 PM): *dances*
jenny mooches (9:39:25 PM): hey you! thanks!
jenny mooches (9:39:39 PM): I had to duck out for a minute. you know... potty break!
Cot Damn Trace (9:40:00 PM): good to know ha. *waves across the room to Christina*
jlbassistant (9:40:06 PM): *finishes his drink and orders another for himself and for Sophia*
jenny mooches (9:40:15 PM): girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, trace.
Cot Damn Trace (9:40:35 PM): yea.. girls potty alot... and with other girls
BlondieMandyAsh (9:40:46 PM): we need to chitchat
jenny mooches (9:40:59 PM): I was kind of scared -- nobody was with me on that trip to the potty. next time I'll ask you to escort me, trace.
love sophia b (9:41:00 PM): Thanks babe
Cot Damn Trace (9:41:10 PM): sure.. ill be there
Cot Damn Trace (9:41:11 PM): ha
jenny mooches (9:41:14 PM): you can hold my purse or something.
Chasez H (9:41:22 PM): -sips her drink-
Cot Damn Trace (9:41:26 PM): psh
Cot Damn Trace (9:41:33 PM): i doesnt go with my outfit
Cot Damn Trace (9:41:35 PM): haha
jenny mooches (9:41:50 PM): oh c'mon... with that body? you can MAKE it work.
Cot Damn Trace (9:42:24 PM): you dont gotta suck up to get in my pants jennaaay, you just gotta suck ha
love sophia b (9:42:31 PM): *takes a sip of her drink and sits on a stool.*
jr simbalake (9:42:56 PM): jenny's baaack

BlondieMandyAsh (9:43:03 PM): late reaction justin
jlbassistant (9:43:05 PM): wow do lines like that work on girls?
Mister Gosling (9:43:07 PM): jennys back and talking!
jenny mooches (9:43:22 PM): wow justin and ryan, you two are really on top of things tonight, aren't ya?
jenny mooches (9:43:27 PM): I've been back for like 10 minutes!
Mister Gosling (9:43:31 PM): shut up jenny
jenny mooches (9:43:41 PM): you love me!
Cot Damn Trace (9:43:45 PM): yea i noticed!
Cot Damn Trace (9:43:46 PM): i win!
Mister Gosling (9:43:48 PM): im being distracted by a phone call
jenny mooches (9:43:54 PM): good! trace wins. you two lose.
Chasez H (9:43:58 PM): -watches the action while sipping on her drink-
love sophia b (9:44:19 PM): *gets up and sits by Heather* Hi Heather...
(9:44:21 PM) Beth is Rosie has entered the room.
Beth is Rosie (9:44:25 PM): well that was fun
Britty Ayala (9:44:26 PM): *takes another shot* Aren't they cute?
Cot Damn Trace (9:44:36 PM): welcome back bethhhh
Mister Gosling (9:44:42 PM): wooo beth!
Chasez H (9:44:47 PM): More disturbing than cute -laughs-
Beth is Rosie (9:44:49 PM): thank you babes
Beth is Rosie (9:44:55 PM): woo ryyan
jenny mooches (9:44:58 PM): mm beth!
Cot Damn Trace (9:45:07 PM): i won again!
Beth is Rosie (9:45:18 PM): mm jenny
jenny mooches (9:45:24 PM): it's because it's your birthday.
jenny mooches (9:45:28 PM): MM BETH
Chasez H (9:45:31 PM): Woot Trace is on a role
Chasez H (9:45:35 PM): -joins her two brothers at the bar for drinks and gives Christina Aguilera a quick hug*
Beth is Rosie (9:45:49 PM): thats hott.
jenny mooches (9:46:19 PM): *wiggles*
(9:46:30 PM) fatonethis has left the room.
jenny mooches (9:47:23 PM): let's play a gaaame
Beth is Rosie (9:47:31 PM): what kind?
love sophia b (9:47:34 PM): Yes...lets
jenny mooches (9:47:58 PM): I dunno... let's play pin the tail on ryan gosling
Mister Gosling (9:48:06 PM): no!
jlbassistant (9:48:07 PM): doesn't he already have a tail?
jenny mooches (9:48:08 PM): ha!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:48:09 PM): *giggles*
(9:48:13 PM) brit brat pinky has left the room.
Mister Gosling (9:48:13 PM): HEY!

Mister Gosling (9:48:18 PM): i do not!
jenny mooches (9:48:18 PM): :-)
Chasez H (9:48:18 PM): I got an idea someone go out on the lonely dance floor
BlondieMandyAsh (9:48:36 PM): I'll dance
jenny mooches (9:48:44 PM): I'll dance with you, mandy!
jr simbalake (9:48:44 PM): OH SHIT!!! i nearly forgot! trace, for you. now let's get blazed
BlondieMandyAsh (9:48:45 PM): but not solo
BlondieMandyAsh (9:48:47 PM): yay!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:48:58 PM): let's dance jenny
Cot Damn Trace (9:49:10 PM): wooooo hoo!
jenny mooches (9:49:13 PM): *busts a move*
Cot Damn Trace (9:49:14 PM): yea!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:49:20 PM): *shakes it*
Chasez H (9:49:23 PM): -claps- YAY Mandy and Jenny -gets up to join them-
jenny mooches (9:49:36 PM): whoo!! c'mon heather!!
Chasez H (9:49:48 PM): -calls out- Sophia, Brit! get out here!
Britty Ayala (9:50:18 PM): *goes and joins heather*
love sophia b (9:50:25 PM): *follows the other girls and starts dancing*
jr simbalake (9:50:33 PM): let's get tooo' up.
jenny mooches (9:50:36 PM): hey ryan, come out here and shake your tail!
Chasez H (9:50:37 PM): -laughs- now this is fun
BlondieMandyAsh (9:50:45 PM): ryan come dance!
Mister Gosling (9:50:53 PM): i don't dance
love sophia b (9:50:54 PM): *calls out* Come on Jesse...get your cute ass out here!
jlbassistant (9:50:57 PM): Yeah, I can't dance. I'm gonna just watch
BlondieMandyAsh (9:50:58 PM): aw dance with me!
Chasez H (9:51:00 PM): Yeah guys get out here!
Mister Gosling (9:51:09 PM): im with him, i can't dance
jr simbalake (9:51:13 PM): yes, ryan needs to bust out the roger rabbit.
jr simbalake (9:51:19 PM): and he can too dance!!!
Chasez H (9:51:23 PM): Justin! you get out here too!
love sophia b (9:51:24 PM): I know you can't, that's why I said it, come on doll!
jenny mooches (9:51:30 PM): you lie. I saw you dancing last night at your house
BlondieMandyAsh (9:51:33 PM): Justin needs to get his booty out here
Cot Damn Trace (9:51:35 PM): ryan you can dance! i watched the mickey mouse club! ha
jenny mooches (9:51:48 PM): you were singing too. I was in your tree watching you.
jr simbalake (9:51:48 PM): trace so busted you!
Mister Gosling (9:51:49 PM): nope that wasnt me
jenny mooches (9:51:54 PM): I mean I was passing by....
jr simbalake (9:51:56 PM): was too!!
Mister Gosling (9:51:59 PM): nahh
BlondieMandyAsh (9:52:07 PM): you were adorabl
BlondieMandyAsh (9:52:09 PM): e
Cot Damn Trace (9:52:10 PM): yea it was.. your hair was as big as jay's
Chasez H (9:52:15 PM): -walks over and grabs justin- come on!
Mister Gosling (9:52:17 PM): well maybe it was, but i grew 6 feet since then, and forgot how
jenny mooches (9:52:19 PM): I thought he was goofy looking.
BlondieMandyAsh (9:52:27 PM): we need some men out here
love sophia b (9:52:29 PM): *grabs Jesse* Come onnn
Britty Ayala (9:52:36 PM): *goes over to jenny and dances next to her*
jlbassistant (9:52:58 PM): No, really *dances really badly, waits for everyone to start laughing*
jenny mooches (9:53:01 PM): *wiggles*
Britty Ayala (9:53:07 PM): *laughs*
BlondieMandyAsh (9:53:15 PM): *dances alongside jenny*
love sophia b (9:53:20 PM): Jesse, you're too cute! *starts dancing with him.*
jenny mooches (9:53:41 PM): *shakes her ass with brit and mandy*
jenny mooches (9:54:04 PM): I need a drink!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:54:04 PM): *laughs, calls justin over with her finger* come ere. dance
nyc akeys (9:54:22 PM): *sips her drink up at the bar*
Chasez H (9:54:22 PM): -decides not to shake her ass-
jlbassistant (9:54:45 PM): no way! I'm horrible I don't think I've had enough alcohol to be dancing
Chasez H (9:54:50 PM): -walks back over to the bar grabbing her drink-
BlondieMandyAsh (9:55:02 PM): jen! girl get me a shot
jr simbalake (9:55:14 PM): *holds up his shot glass* i'm getting my drink on first.
love sophia b (9:55:14 PM): Well, then, come on...lets get you another drink! &grabs his hand and walks to the bar*
jenny mooches (9:55:28 PM): *walks to the bar, grabs a few shots for herself and mandy* here girl! on three...
BlondieMandyAsh (9:55:35 PM): one....
jenny mooches (9:55:55 PM): two!
love sophia b (9:55:57 PM): *orders some shots and hands one to jesse* come on, doll.
jenny mooches (9:56:04 PM): THREE!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:56:05 PM): three! *downs her shot*
jenny mooches (9:56:18 PM): *slams the shot* oh man....
jr simbalake (9:56:34 PM): where's mine sophia? *does the famous timberlake fake pout*
Beth is Rosie (9:56:42 PM): whoooa there
jlbassistant (9:56:45 PM): *takes the shot, setting the glass back on the table*
BlondieMandyAsh (9:56:46 PM): *giggles, puts her palms down on the counter* wowza
jlbassistant (9:56:50 PM): man, that pout is powerful'
love sophia b (9:56:53 PM): *hands him one and takes her shot*
Chasez H (9:57:07 PM): -finishes her beer- Brit.. come here and do a shot with me
jenny mooches (9:57:44 PM): oh man mandy... that was a crazy shot!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:57:54 PM): *laughs* i don't even know what that was!
jenny mooches (9:58:03 PM): me either!!
jenny mooches (9:58:07 PM): but I kind of want another...
BlondieMandyAsh (9:58:12 PM): oooh me too!
jenny mooches (9:58:19 PM): you go get em
BlondieMandyAsh (9:58:26 PM): 'kay can do
jr simbalake (9:58:45 PM): my left eye feels funny. like droopy
love sophia b (9:58:46 PM): *orders another shot for herself and jesse* this one is called chocolate cake...
BlondieMandyAsh (9:58:47 PM): *walks to the bar and grabs two more shots, walks back to jenny* here ya go
jlbassistant (9:59:09 PM): *shakes head* Okay I can do that too.
love sophia b (9:59:14 PM): You suck the lime, keep the juice in your mouth, and drink
love sophia b (9:59:16 PM): got it?
jenny mooches (9:59:21 PM): thanks!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:59:31 PM): no problem!
jenny mooches (9:59:31 PM): *clinks her glass with mandys* cheers!
BlondieMandyAsh (9:59:39 PM): *swallows*
jenny mooches (9:59:49 PM): *drinks*
jlbassistant (9:59:50 PM): I know how to do a shot
jenny mooches (10:00:01 PM): whoa, I need to sit down for a minute! *walks over and grabs a chair*
love sophia b (10:00:02 PM): *sucks on her lime and takes the shot* Well, I was just telling you...
Beth is Rosie (10:00:21 PM): be right back again
BlondieMandyAsh (10:00:30 PM): *laughs, blinks the dizziness away, sits down herself*
jlbassistant (10:00:48 PM): *grins at sophia and then takes his shot*
Chasez H (10:00:49 PM): -orders a rum n' coke-
BlondieMandyAsh (10:01:15 PM): jenny you're fuzzy
love sophia b (10:01:16 PM): Drunk enough yet?
jenny mooches (10:01:29 PM): fuzzy? *laughs*
BlondieMandyAsh (10:01:42 PM): *touches jenny's face, giggles* yeah!
jlbassistant (10:01:47 PM): to dance?? okay, I can do that
jenny mooches (10:01:53 PM): *laughs* I promise I shaved today!!
jr simbalake (10:01:54 PM): *points to his left eye* does it look droopy?
jenny mooches (10:02:07 PM): where's trace?!
BlondieMandyAsh (10:02:13 PM): *laughs* yes, i can tell
love sophia b (10:02:15 PM): You sure? *stumbles to the dance floor with him*
Mister Gosling (10:02:19 PM): jenny, you shave??
Cot Damn Trace (10:02:21 PM): i died!
Mister Gosling (10:02:22 PM): gross
jenny mooches (10:02:30 PM): I DO NOT
jenny mooches (10:02:36 PM): aw, don't die! I'd be sad.
Mister Gosling (10:02:40 PM): you just said you did
BlondieMandyAsh (10:02:42 PM): *giggle* but it's soft
Chasez H (10:02:48 PM): -downs her rum and coke and yawns-
jlbassistant (10:02:55 PM): *holds up sophia and starts dancing a little* man, i just have no rhythm
jenny mooches (10:03:00 PM): I was kidding!
Mister Gosling (10:03:05 PM): sure you were
jenny mooches (10:03:07 PM): you're so mean

jr simbalake (10:03:19 PM): help my eye!
BlondieMandyAsh (10:03:21 PM): jenny doesn't need to shave she's so purty
love sophia b (10:03:25 PM): Yes you do! *shakes it* Jesse, do you remember last time I got drunk...who took me home?
Mister Gosling (10:03:35 PM): whats wrong with you eye??
Mister Gosling (10:03:40 PM): yourrr
BlondieMandyAsh (10:03:43 PM): i'll kiss it!
jenny mooches (10:03:45 PM): awwww not as purty as yooou!
jr simbalake (10:03:46 PM): i don't knowwwwwww
Cot Damn Trace (10:03:48 PM): *pokes your eye*
BlondieMandyAsh (10:03:49 PM): awwww
jenny mooches (10:04:01 PM): poking peoples eyes is not nice!
jr simbalake (10:04:02 PM): *screams* aaaaaaaah
Mister Gosling (10:04:03 PM): hahaha! that'll make it better
BlondieMandyAsh (10:04:18 PM): aw kiss his eye and make it better
jr simbalake (10:04:18 PM): *holds my hand over my eye* fuck! now it'll get infected!
jlbassistant (10:04:20 PM): I did. Are you staying at the hotel with everyone?
Chasez H (10:04:33 PM): Justin come here let me see your eye
love sophia b (10:05:02 PM): Yeah. *watches him dance* Jesse! *puts her hands on his hips* like this!
Cot Damn Trace (10:05:19 PM): oops
BlondieMandyAsh (10:05:37 PM): Trace no more poking for you!
jr simbalake (10:05:55 PM): *sits on the stool next to heather and looks up at her* don't hurt me, doggie doctor
nyc akeys (10:06:11 PM): herpes of the eye
Chasez H (10:06:18 PM): -laughs- I wont
Britty Ayala (10:06:28 PM): Sorry Heath, I spaced out... We can do a shot *laughs*
Britty Ayala (10:06:41 PM): when you're finished taking care of mr. timberlake
Chasez H (10:07:01 PM): -looks at your eye- I think you might be getting pink eye babe
Chasez H (10:07:16 PM): -motions for brit to come over-
jenny mooches (10:07:17 PM): be nice to justin!
Mister Gosling (10:07:28 PM): ewww pink eye!
jenny mooches (10:07:32 PM): gross
Cot Damn Trace (10:07:37 PM): britt you can not do a shot
jr simbalake (10:07:44 PM): *eyes go wide, lip quivering* i can't have pink eye!
Chasez H (10:07:56 PM): -looks over at Trace- Why can't she do a shot with me!?
Cot Damn Trace (10:07:59 PM): ewww i poked pink eye!
BlondieMandyAsh (10:08:07 PM): wash your hands
Cot Damn Trace (10:08:08 PM): because her limit was one
jr simbalake (10:08:09 PM): i don't have pink eye!!!!!!!!
jenny mooches (10:08:11 PM): trace I don't think I want to be around you anymore.
jenny mooches (10:08:15 PM): I don't want pink eye.
love sophia b (10:08:17 PM): pink eye sucks
Chasez H (10:08:35 PM): Aw come on Trace.. let her do one with me please -gives puppy lip-
Chasez H (10:08:46 PM): -looks at justin- you'll be fine
jlbassistant (10:09:44 PM): if you get hungry for brains, we're goingto have to kill off the head zombie
love sophia b (10:10:04 PM): what?
jr simbalake (10:10:08 PM): man, we need to go in there and get more alcohol. i paid a lot for an open bar. i think we should single handedly empty this joint.
jlbassistant (10:10:16 PM): it's from south park... eh... nevermind
love sophia b (10:10:30 PM): oh...alright
jr simbalake (10:10:31 PM): i'm not kenny!!!
Chasez H (10:11:00 PM): -orders some shots- Brit get your ass over here!
Beth is Rosie (10:11:11 PM): why kenny was cute..
Beth is Rosie (10:11:15 PM): well i thought it was
jlbassistant (10:11:17 PM): *laughs* see, justin got it
Beth is Rosie (10:11:19 PM): he*
BlondieMandyAsh (10:11:59 PM): i could do another shot
jr simbalake (10:12:30 PM): underpants gnomes scare me, jesse
jlbassistant (10:12:40 PM): they scare me too, justin
(10:12:43 PM) love sophia b has left the room.
jenny mooches (10:12:54 PM): I'm tiiiired
BlondieMandyAsh (10:13:03 PM): no jenny! do another shot with me
Chasez H (10:13:16 PM): Joey and and Miss Keys... come do some shots
jlbassistant (10:13:18 PM): where'd sophia go?
jenny mooches (10:13:24 PM): *laughs* get me one! I'll be laying down over here
BlondieMandyAsh (10:13:35 PM): i'll pour it in your mouth!
Cot Damn Trace (10:13:45 PM): jennaaay is gonna pass out
Cot Damn Trace (10:13:46 PM): haha
Chasez H (10:14:16 PM): -pouts and does a shot alone-
Britty Ayala (10:14:17 PM): my ass is here
Britty Ayala (10:14:20 PM): *laughs*
Britty Ayala (10:14:35 PM): Aww don't pout *downs one*
BlondieMandyAsh (10:14:43 PM): *brings a few shots over to jenny* ready?
Chasez H (10:14:44 PM): -smiles-
jenny mooches (10:14:52 PM): ready!
BlondieMandyAsh (10:15:03 PM): i'm gonna pour it down your throat
jenny mooches (10:15:17 PM): *looks over to trace, raises her shot glass and smirks* will not! you should come keep me company....
jenny mooches (10:15:22 PM): *laughs* okay mandy!
jr simbalake (10:15:33 PM): *perks up* man, we need a camera
BlondieMandyAsh (10:15:39 PM): *grins* lay down!
jenny mooches (10:15:51 PM): *lays down on the couch*
BlondieMandyAsh (10:16:20 PM): *straddles jenny and holds the shot glass above her, pours it* ha, there ya go!
Cot Damn Trace (10:16:38 PM): haha
Chasez H (10:16:46 PM): -downs another shot- you know I normally don't drink this much
jlbassistant (10:16:56 PM): wow, I don't know if I'm old enough to see that
jenny mooches (10:16:58 PM): *takes the shot and wipes off the excess that spilled out of her mouth* oh man! waht was that one?!
Britty Ayala (10:17:00 PM): *takes another shot*
BlondieMandyAsh (10:17:12 PM): just vodka i swear it
jenny mooches (10:17:48 PM): that was harsh! *laughs* but gooood!!
jenny mooches (10:17:52 PM): i don't think I'm so sleepy anymore
BlondieMandyAsh (10:18:02 PM): *down her own shot* oh yes, very good
Chasez H (10:19:03 PM): -downs another shot and then walks over to the dance floor and shakes her groove thing-
BlondieMandyAsh (10:19:23 PM): how you feeling jenny?
jenny mooches (10:19:28 PM): sits up and holds her head* whoa.
Chasez H (10:20:00 PM): Whose gonna come dance with me.. anyone?!
Britty Ayala (10:20:17 PM): Me!
Chasez H (10:20:33 PM): yay!
jr simbalake (10:20:46 PM): my eye's getting worse. fuck, i need more drinks. *sees john mayer and matt morris walk back in and meets them at the bar for drinks*
Chasez H (10:21:19 PM): -dances-
Britty Ayala (10:21:55 PM): *dances with heather*
(10:22:16 PM) jenny mooches has left the room.
Chasez H (10:22:27 PM): -looks over at Justin- You owe me adance before the end of the night!
(10:22:39 PM) jenny mooches has entered the room.
jenny mooches (10:23:27 PM): [i'm on my own name now :-) i'm hooome. fyi yay]
jr simbalake (10:23:37 PM): *holds up my glass, nods at heather and drinks it down before going onto the patio with Nick*

jenny mooches (10:31:03 PM): ...*wiggles*
BlondieMandyAsh (10:31:18 PM): *grooves*
Mister Gosling (10:31:34 PM): gasp! mandy!
Mister Gosling (10:31:42 PM): thats MY thing
BlondieMandyAsh (10:31:43 PM): *winks* ryan
Chasez H (10:31:45 PM): -walks back over to the bar and orders a shot of takila-
BlondieMandyAsh (10:31:53 PM): get your booty over here with me then
Beth is Rosie (10:32:08 PM): sighs* 50 is on
jenny mooches (10:32:18 PM): someone steal nikki's thing since shes not here
BlondieMandyAsh (10:32:29 PM): what's nikki's thing?
jenny mooches (10:32:34 PM): I forget
BlondieMandyAsh (10:32:37 PM): *laughs*
jenny mooches (10:32:42 PM): *laughs* I think she bounces
Mister Gosling (10:32:46 PM): bounces
Mister Gosling (10:32:47 PM): yes!
Chasez H (10:33:08 PM): -slams the shot of takila and gets another-
BlondieMandyAsh (10:33:09 PM): the nikki bounce!
BlondieMandyAsh (10:33:12 PM): i remember!
jenny mooches (10:33:20 PM): she's goooofy
BlondieMandyAsh (10:33:30 PM): she makes me giggle
jenny mooches (10:33:37 PM): me too!
BlondieMandyAsh (10:33:40 PM): I LOVE HER
jr simbalake (10:33:42 PM): *comes back inside and watches nick head for a group of girls before sitting next to joey* i need a beer.
Cot Damn Trace (10:34:04 PM): i need more liquidssss
Chasez H (10:34:13 PM): -downs another takila before ordering another-

jenny mooches (10:34:54 PM): I neeeed..
Britty Ayala (10:34:55 PM): *sits with Nick, talking to him quietly*
jenny mooches (10:34:57 PM): I don't know
Beth is Rosie (10:35:19 PM): i neeed loooove .. we all rally need love
Cot Damn Trace (10:35:22 PM): *finds a bottle of jack and starts drinking from the bottle and walks over to jen and sits down* what up mami
Beth is Rosie (10:35:23 PM): really*
Britty Ayala (10:35:26 PM): *takes a sip of beer walking back to a table and sitting down*
Britty Ayala (10:35:34 PM): *laughs* Yea you and me both beth!
Mister Gosling (10:35:42 PM): aww i looooooove you beth!
jr simbalake (10:35:49 PM): i need a beeeeeer
jenny mooches (10:35:52 PM): *grins* sky, clouds, ceiling, ANND...
Cot Damn Trace (10:35:56 PM): BRITTANY, im gonna kick your ass
jenny mooches (10:35:56 PM): I dunno, thats all I've got
jlbassistant (10:35:58 PM): get that man a beeer
Cot Damn Trace (10:36:11 PM): oh.. haha
Chasez H (10:36:13 PM): -brings justin a beer-
jr simbalake (10:36:16 PM): hey, ya'll see what trace got for his birthday?
jr simbalake (10:36:35 PM): everyone hooked him up, man
Beth is Rosie (10:36:36 PM): on one got that is was a song buuuuut i love you ryyan :-*
Chasez H (10:36:45 PM): here..
Cot Damn Trace (10:36:57 PM): i know! ima be staylin on our rv trip in all my jack gear
Mister Gosling (10:36:58 PM): I know it!
jenny mooches (10:37:20 PM): you could start a whole freakin museum!
Cot Damn Trace (10:37:28 PM): i should!
Britty Ayala (10:37:31 PM): what?! why?
jenny mooches (10:37:42 PM): charge admission.. mm its all coming together
Cot Damn Trace (10:37:48 PM): because i cut you off an hour ago bitch
Cot Damn Trace (10:37:56 PM): yea! ima be a rich fucker
jenny mooches (10:38:04 PM): can I be a tour guide?!
Cot Damn Trace (10:38:10 PM): i wont have to spend all jay's money anymore.. ha
Britty Ayala (10:38:12 PM): Shut up ass, you just handed me this a little while ago...
Cot Damn Trace (10:38:19 PM): i did.
Chasez H (10:38:20 PM): -puts the beer infront of justin and walks back over to the bar and orders another shot of takila-
Cot Damn Trace (10:38:25 PM): well i didnt mean to!
jr simbalake (10:39:13 PM): *takes the beer and drinks it down in a few quick gulps*
Cot Damn Trace (10:39:33 PM): *takes a sip from the bottle* mmm
Chasez H (10:39:44 PM): -slams the shot of tequila-
jenny mooches (10:40:01 PM): IIII think you should share that, buddy *pokes trace's arm*
Cot Damn Trace (10:40:18 PM): tequilla is like mexican wine haha
Cot Damn Trace (10:40:29 PM): *pouts* what if i dont wanna share
Chasez H (10:40:42 PM): -looks over at Trace- It's damn good too
jenny mooches (10:40:47 PM): then I'll be sad
Cot Damn Trace (10:41:13 PM): oh fine *takes a big drink and passes jen the bottle*

Chasez H (10:41:49 PM): -leans against the bar-
jenny mooches (10:41:51 PM): *smiles big* thanks! *takes a sip from the bottle* sharing is caring!
jr simbalake (10:44:00 PM): hey! *sees kelly and jack osbourne walk in and runs over to them*
Chasez H (10:44:25 PM): I need some air -walks outside and leans against the wall-
jenny mooches (10:44:55 PM): *leans back in her chair and almost topples over* ohhh shit
Mister Gosling (10:45:50 PM): jenny's gettin a little tipsyy
jenny mooches (10:46:10 PM): *laughs* shut up, i'm good! look at me, I'm totally good
Mister Gosling (10:46:27 PM): obviously!
jr simbalake (10:47:06 PM): *walks back to the main group* dude...i'm hungraaay
Cot Damn Trace (10:47:24 PM): im hungry too!
jenny mooches (10:47:31 PM): aw we don't have kfc at this party do we!
Cot Damn Trace (10:47:33 PM): foooooooood
Mister Gosling (10:47:54 PM): invisible kfc
BlondieMandyAsh (10:47:55 PM): oh i almost forgot!
BlondieMandyAsh (10:48:03 PM): i make cupcakes for Trace
BlondieMandyAsh (10:48:13 PM): *gives nick chastain a wink as he waves at her*
jlbassistant (10:48:21 PM): isn't there at least cake?
Beth is Rosie (10:48:36 PM): i'm going to head out guys night and happy birthday babes
BlondieMandyAsh (10:48:47 PM): *brings out a tray of different cupcakes*
Mister Gosling (10:48:53 PM): night beth!
jenny mooches (10:48:58 PM): night mmm beth!
Cot Damn Trace (10:49:03 PM): aww thanks beth!
Cot Damn Trace (10:49:06 PM): night!
Beth is Rosie (10:49:16 PM): mmm night jennnn and ryan :-* night all
Cot Damn Trace (10:49:18 PM): cupcakes!

BlondieMandyAsh (10:49:30 PM): yes! for you, love
Cot Damn Trace (10:50:04 PM): woot!
Britty Ayala (10:50:11 PM): I'm going to go to the hotel now. night big brothe
Cot Damn Trace (10:50:20 PM): night, snatch. i mean sista
jenny mooches (10:52:04 PM): *wiggles!*
Mister Gosling (10:52:10 PM): -grooves!-
Chasez H (10:54:08 PM): -comes back inside and sits at a table-
jenny mooches (10:54:15 PM): *giggles* manny, bounce!
Cot Damn Trace (10:54:59 PM): you alright heather?
jr simbalake (10:55:06 PM): man,.. *takes a few more shots and leans against the bar* i'm getting tired now. fuck.
Chasez H (10:55:15 PM): Oh yeah I'm fine
jenny mooches (10:55:19 PM): J you need red bull!
Chasez H (10:55:39 PM): Just drank a little more than I'm used to
Chasez H (10:55:50 PM): -shares a drink with JC-
Cot Damn Trace (10:55:55 PM): *lays on the ground still drinkin the bottle of jack* oh
Cot Damn Trace (10:56:10 PM): well dont puke heather, its nasty
jenny mooches (10:56:14 PM): eeew *laughs* trace its dirty down there!
Cot Damn Trace (10:56:22 PM): im dirty
Cot Damn Trace (10:56:25 PM): it works
Chasez H (10:56:32 PM): -laughs- thank you for that thought Trace
jenny mooches (10:57:13 PM): you're gonna get all sticky and.. and.. then you'll. ew
Cot Damn Trace (10:57:34 PM): oh hush mom
Cot Damn Trace (10:57:47 PM): ill survive
jenny mooches (10:57:58 PM): *gasp* i'm not your momma!
Chasez H (10:58:04 PM): -looks down at Trace- is it comfortable down there.. -tilts head-
Cot Damn Trace (10:58:15 PM): yea.. actually not bad
jenny mooches (10:58:17 PM): *lays down on the floor beside him* Ha!
Cot Damn Trace (10:58:30 PM): ew, dont touch me you're dirty
Cot Damn Trace (10:58:32 PM): haha
jenny mooches (10:58:45 PM): *pushes his shoulder* SO MEAN!
Cot Damn Trace (10:58:53 PM): you started it
jenny mooches (10:59:05 PM): pshhh
Chasez H (10:59:06 PM): -gets up and carefully walks over Trace and Jenny-
jr simbalake (10:59:17 PM): i think we should go to down to BD's for pizza
Cot Damn Trace (10:59:27 PM): pizzzzzzzzzza
Chasez H (10:59:32 PM): Yeah.. so they can kick us out!
Cot Damn Trace (10:59:44 PM): jennaay is dirty
jenny mooches (10:59:57 PM): ammmm not *pouts*
Chasez H (10:59:57 PM): Hey Where is Ty..?
jr simbalake (11:02:30 PM): tyler's out with jc and them getting drunk and high on the patio
Chasez H (11:02:46 PM): -shakes head-
Chasez H (11:04:49 PM): -sits down at the bar debating on whether or not to get another drink-
Cot Damn Trace (11:05:51 PM): dont barf heather
Chasez H (11:06:06 PM): I'm not going to..
jenny mooches (11:06:08 PM): then this floor would be REALLY gross
Chasez H (11:06:19 PM): -laughs- I feel fine
jr simbalake (11:07:28 PM): pizza? yes or no
jenny mooches (11:07:31 PM): yes!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:07:35 PM): pizza yes!
Cot Damn Trace (11:07:35 PM): yes!
jr simbalake (11:07:44 PM): let's go then.
jlbassistant (11:07:47 PM): i could go for pizza
jenny mooches (11:07:56 PM): I gotta get up for that..
Cot Damn Trace (11:08:04 PM): *gets up*
jenny mooches (11:08:21 PM): *sits up* i'm working on it
Chasez H (11:08:49 PM): -sighs- I don't want to get up

jr simbalake (11:10:05 PM): *pulls his jacket on and walks towards the door. calls out* onward to pizza!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:10:12 PM): pizza!
Chasez H (11:11:08 PM): -frowns at Justin- I still don't wanna get up
Cot Damn Trace (11:11:09 PM): *passes out in a booth at the back of the bar. Andre and Mike carrying him out and taking him to his hotel room*
jr simbalake (11:13:38 PM): you guys... pizza or head to the hotel with trace?
jenny mooches (11:13:49 PM): pizza.. AT the hotel
BlondieMandyAsh (11:13:55 PM): oooh hotel party?
jenny mooches (11:13:56 PM): *shrugs* just throwing it out there
jenny mooches (11:14:09 PM): wait.. am I sleeping..nevermind
Chasez H (11:14:16 PM): -lays her head on the bar-
Mister Gosling (11:14:22 PM): am i sleeping?
jlbassistant (11:14:25 PM): I'm good with whichever
jenny mooches (11:14:38 PM): I was confused about the hotel thing! shut up
Mister Gosling (11:14:47 PM): you shut up!
jenny mooches (11:15:18 PM): never!
Mister Gosling (11:15:28 PM): hahha okay
Mister Gosling (11:16:29 PM): justin i caught your pink eye, my eye is twitching oddly
Chasez H (11:17:00 PM): -stands up and stretches-
jr simbalake (11:19:32 PM): fuck, i'm sorry
jr simbalake (11:20:18 PM): hey, if we're late to brunch, we can watch the ducks march.
jr simbalake (11:20:23 PM): i just thought of that
Chasez H (11:20:34 PM): -yawns-
BlondieMandyAsh (11:20:34 PM): aw ducks
Mister Gosling (11:20:40 PM): ducks?
Chasez H (11:20:47 PM): I don't like ducks
jenny mooches (11:20:54 PM): I fully plan on being late to brunch
jlbassistant (11:20:55 PM): why don't you like ducks?
jenny mooches (11:20:59 PM): I think I like ducks
Mister Gosling (11:21:03 PM): I think i do too
Mister Gosling (11:21:12 PM): maybe
jr simbalake (11:21:17 PM): the duck march is tight.
Chasez H (11:21:21 PM): One attacked me at work.. it's a long story
jr simbalake (11:21:25 PM): whaaa?
jenny mooches (11:21:31 PM): a duck attacked?! yikes
Mister Gosling (11:21:37 PM): whats a duck march?
Chasez H (11:21:40 PM): -nods- yes
jenny mooches (11:22:11 PM): that would scare me too
jenny mooches (11:22:16 PM): I bet the marching ones don't attack though
Chasez H (11:22:30 PM): it didn't scare me.. it hurt.. eh maybe not
Chasez H (11:22:35 PM): I still don't like ducks
jr simbalake (11:23:03 PM): but ducks are cute.
Chasez H (11:23:17 PM): -glares at Justin- yeah.. till they attack you
jr simbalake (11:23:18 PM): they make me think of this girl i used to be friendly with in the old days
BlondieMandyAsh (11:23:19 PM): i love ducks
jenny mooches (11:23:34 PM): what girl?
jr simbalake (11:23:53 PM): this broad from dream. she was tight. we used to fuck around with ducks and shit.
Mister Gosling (11:23:59 PM): im still lost as to what a duck march is
jenny mooches (11:24:04 PM): ...ew
jenny mooches (11:24:07 PM): okay I do'nt like it anymore
jenny mooches (11:24:21 PM): well I do
Chasez H (11:24:27 PM): -starts spacing out-
jlbassistant (11:24:28 PM): okay, justin, that's just weird
jenny mooches (11:24:29 PM): but I don't like the.. *shrugs* i'll shut up
jr simbalake (11:24:33 PM): okay, the duck march is this thing the peabody hotel does. it's world famous dude. these ducks march through the lobby and yes.
Mister Gosling (11:24:45 PM): oh
Mister Gosling (11:24:46 PM): okay
jenny mooches (11:24:47 PM): that does sound pretty hot, i'll admit
jr simbalake (11:24:50 PM): we didn't FUCK ducks. we just had them as pets and nick killed mine
BlondieMandyAsh (11:25:02 PM): oh no
jr simbalake (11:25:07 PM): and the ducks march to this fountain that they swim in all day
Chasez H (11:25:28 PM): Okay lets stop talking about ducks
jenny mooches (11:25:30 PM): do you get to feed them?
Mister Gosling (11:26:00 PM): can we feed you to them jenny?
BlondieMandyAsh (11:26:10 PM): ryan!
Mister Gosling (11:26:12 PM): mandy!
jenny mooches (11:26:14 PM): MEAN!

BlondieMandyAsh (11:26:20 PM): that was meannnnn
Mister Gosling (11:26:28 PM): I know
Mister Gosling (11:26:35 PM): and Im not sorry either
Chasez H (11:26:39 PM): -hears her cell phone ring but turns it off-
BlondieMandyAsh (11:26:45 PM): oh! say you are sorry
jenny mooches (11:26:50 PM): but no, you may not feed me to anything
Mister Gosling (11:26:58 PM): nope!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:27:05 PM): yes!
Mister Gosling (11:27:08 PM): no!
Chasez H (11:27:13 PM): -sits back down-
Mister Gosling (11:27:35 PM): I win!
jr simbalake (11:27:37 PM): but ducks are so cool... and are we going to pizza or what?
BlondieMandyAsh (11:27:43 PM): no you lose
Mister Gosling (11:27:47 PM): no i win!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:27:50 PM): no!
Chasez H (11:27:51 PM): ducks are not cool Justin!
jenny mooches (11:27:51 PM): I don't know
jenny mooches (11:27:56 PM): I've lost my pizza enthusiasm
Mister Gosling (11:27:57 PM): YES
BlondieMandyAsh (11:28:04 PM): but i adore jenny
Mister Gosling (11:28:04 PM): yes yes yes!
Mister Gosling (11:28:07 PM): eh
BlondieMandyAsh (11:28:09 PM): ryan!
Mister Gosling (11:28:14 PM): what
BlondieMandyAsh (11:28:17 PM): mean
Mister Gosling (11:28:22 PM): I knooooow
BlondieMandyAsh (11:28:30 PM): do you like me though?
Mister Gosling (11:28:42 PM): hell yes! you do porno!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:28:47 PM): i do not!!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:28:50 PM): well
BlondieMandyAsh (11:28:54 PM): not videos...
jlbassistant (11:28:56 PM): who does porno?
Mister Gosling (11:29:04 PM): you're in playboy
BlondieMandyAsh (11:29:07 PM): yes....
BlondieMandyAsh (11:29:08 PM): but
Mister Gosling (11:29:08 PM): thats good enough for me
Mister Gosling (11:29:20 PM): you were naked, thats porno!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:29:24 PM): very........tastefully
Mister Gosling (11:29:44 PM): sure i guess so, if you think naked is tasteful
Mister Gosling (11:29:51 PM): either way it was hot
BlondieMandyAsh (11:29:59 PM): i'm thinking.....thanks?
Mister Gosling (11:30:08 PM): you're welcome!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:30:11 PM): *laughs*
Mister Gosling (11:30:18 PM): yes!
jr simbalake (11:30:19 PM): nick does porno
BlondieMandyAsh (11:30:24 PM): does he?
Mister Gosling (11:30:31 PM): hahahha
Chasez H (11:30:33 PM): -tilts head spacing out-
jlbassistant (11:30:35 PM): I'll film a porno
Mister Gosling (11:30:36 PM): that would be scary
jlbassistant (11:30:42 PM): but not in front of the camera
jenny mooches (11:30:44 PM): reaallly now..
jr simbalake (11:31:01 PM): well, he used to make tapes, but he sorta stopped when he cleaned up his act. he doesn't do that to girls anymore. i'm fucking proud of that fucker.
BlondieMandyAsh (11:31:13 PM): oh that kinda porn
Mister Gosling (11:31:22 PM): there are so many kinds!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:31:26 PM): true
BlondieMandyAsh (11:31:34 PM): which is your favorite?
jenny mooches (11:31:38 PM): he says he still makes tapes..
jenny mooches (11:31:43 PM): he told ME that anyway
jenny mooches (11:31:47 PM): to fuck with my head
Mister Gosling (11:31:50 PM): mine?
BlondieMandyAsh (11:31:53 PM): yep
Chasez H (11:31:57 PM): why are you all talking about porno -is confused-
BlondieMandyAsh (11:32:07 PM): ryan started it
Mister Gosling (11:32:08 PM): hmmm natalie portman porno of any kind
Mister Gosling (11:32:17 PM): you started it, but being naked!
Mister Gosling (11:32:18 PM): by
BlondieMandyAsh (11:32:28 PM): did not!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:32:30 PM): and you loved it
Mister Gosling (11:32:39 PM): you did, and I did!
Chasez H (11:32:43 PM): -shakes head- ok, back to food.. are we going for pizza or what?!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:32:47 PM): *laughs* well maybe i did it for you
Mister Gosling (11:33:16 PM): oh really?
BlondieMandyAsh (11:33:19 PM): *nods*
jr simbalake (11:33:24 PM): yes. let's go. *starts heading for the door again, walks outside and heads down the street to black diamond*
jenny mooches (11:33:52 PM): *follows justin*weeee
Chasez H (11:33:56 PM): -catches up to justin after saying goodbye to her brother who's headed back to the hotel with his friends and latches onto justin's arm so she doesn't fall-
jlbassistant (11:33:57 PM): *follows jusin*
jr simbalake (11:36:03 PM): *walks into the pizza bar and finds a table near the stage, pulls a few chairs back for the ladies and sits down* we should order a few pitchers and like three pies.
Chasez H (11:36:37 PM): -sits down and lets her head fall to te table tiredly-
jenny mooches (11:36:40 PM): aww you're the sweetest dude ever *smiles big and sits* i need no more pitchers, also
BlondieMandyAsh (11:36:48 PM): *sits* thank you justin
jlbassistant (11:37:19 PM): that's a good idea. I like pizza
jenny mooches (11:38:11 PM): justin *yawns* explain this hotel shit again
Chasez H (11:40:41 PM): -sits up blinking-
Chasez H (11:40:50 PM): -gets a text from tyler that says he's headed for the pizza parlor with elisha-
Chasez H (11:42:55 PM): -closes her phone, seeing tyler and elisha walk in- you know what.. I'm gonna call a cab and head back.. I'm really tired -yawns and leaves as her little brother sits down-

jr simbalake (11:47:16 PM): the hotel has ducks. they walk around.
jenny mooches (11:47:28 PM): noooooooo
jenny mooches (11:47:33 PM): am I sleeping there?
Mister Gosling (11:47:58 PM): i wanna sleep with ducks
BlondieMandyAsh (11:48:18 PM): you would
Mister Gosling (11:48:31 PM): whats that suppose to mean?
BlondieMandyAsh (11:48:46 PM): *laughs* actually still thinking about it myself
Mister Gosling (11:48:56 PM): yeeeah. thats what i thought!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:49:04 PM): *giggles*
jr simbalake (11:49:44 PM): *pulls a brochure out of my back pocket and slides it across the table*
Mister Gosling (11:50:49 PM): duuuuuude i think the duck on the brochure moves its head
Mister Gosling (11:50:51 PM): maybe its just me
Mister Gosling (11:50:54 PM): moving my head
BlondieMandyAsh (11:51:21 PM): no it does!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:51:25 PM): did i drink too much?
jlbassistant (11:51:28 PM): that duck is kind of weird looking
Mister Gosling (11:51:32 PM): i think so!
jlbassistant (11:51:36 PM): he's looking at me
Mister Gosling (11:51:36 PM): its moving!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:51:39 PM): wow it's moving
BlondieMandyAsh (11:51:41 PM): whoa
jenny mooches (11:52:31 PM): i don't see it, i must be slow. but the pictures are pretty! i definitely WANT to be sleeping here now! i think
Mister Gosling (11:53:11 PM): with the ducks!
jenny mooches (11:53:16 PM): no in the BEDS
BlondieMandyAsh (11:53:39 PM): you want to sleep in the fountain with the ducks?
Mister Gosling (11:53:49 PM): maybe!
BlondieMandyAsh (11:53:55 PM): that would be interesting!
jr simbalake (11:54:20 PM): holy crap
Mister Gosling (11:54:34 PM): what
jr simbalake (11:54:57 PM): *points to the duck part of the brochere* there....
jr simbalake (11:54:59 PM): see 'em.
BlondieMandyAsh (11:55:15 PM): aw!
jenny mooches (11:55:23 PM): so cute!
Mister Gosling (11:55:28 PM): awwwwwwwwww
Mister Gosling (11:55:34 PM): ..hahaha
BlondieMandyAsh (11:57:00 PM): ryan you could be a duck if you wanted
jr simbalake (11:57:10 PM): once when we were like...seven? we got to come into the city to see santa and trace took a piss in that fountain.
jenny mooches (11:57:27 PM): *cracks up* oh god
BlondieMandyAsh (11:57:31 PM): *laughs*
jenny mooches (11:57:33 PM): ..why?
Mister Gosling (11:57:45 PM): i could be a duck? what?
BlondieMandyAsh (11:58:00 PM): *nods* just a costume and you'd be set! great legs
Mister Gosling (11:58:07 PM): HEY
Mister Gosling (11:58:14 PM): you leave my legs out of this
BlondieMandyAsh (11:58:16 PM): *smiles*
BlondieMandyAsh (11:58:19 PM): i like them
BlondieMandyAsh (11:58:20 PM): they are sexy
Mister Gosling (11:58:23 PM): i hate them
Mister Gosling (11:58:28 PM): they're horrible
Mister Gosling (11:58:39 PM): smaller than my wrist horrible
jr simbalake (11:58:45 PM): man, where's the pizza goon?
BlondieMandyAsh (11:58:50 PM): aw
jenny mooches (11:59:04 PM): jacking off in the back room
jlbassistant (11:59:43 PM): ewwwww
jenny mooches (11:59:48 PM): I know, right?
jenny mooches (11:59:49 PM): sick
jr simbalake (12:00:13 AM): fuck, now i don't want no pizza
jenny mooches (12:00:19 AM): *pouts* sorry
jenny mooches (12:00:24 AM): I bet he'll wash his hands
jr simbalake (12:00:45 AM): dude..what if he jizzed in the marinara?
jenny mooches (12:00:56 AM): then we'll kick his ass
jlbassistant (12:01:00 AM): that's really gross
jr simbalake (12:01:33 AM): but how would we know?
jenny mooches (12:01:46 AM): want me to go look?
jr simbalake (12:02:35 AM): eeeeeew
jenny mooches (12:02:43 AM): well you want to know!!
jr simbalake (12:03:31 AM): you want to give pizza man a hand job!! OH GOD!
jenny mooches (12:03:46 AM): I didn't say aaanything about touching him
Mister Gosling (12:03:53 AM): thats sick jenny!
jlbassistant (12:03:58 AM): *laughs*
BlondieMandyAsh (12:04:00 AM): handjob?
BlondieMandyAsh (12:04:04 AM): i missed something
Mister Gosling (12:04:14 AM): jenny's givin them out!
jenny mooches (12:04:14 AM): I am not
BlondieMandyAsh (12:04:23 AM): uh
jr simbalake (12:04:35 AM): *looks at everyone at the table, sits back in my chair and smiles* dude.. this is so de ja vu. like remember when momma was ryan's manager for like three seconds? and we all used to hang. it's like we just added jesse but we've
jr simbalake (12:04:46 AM): known him forever so it's all good. this night rocked.
Mister Gosling (12:04:54 AM): hahahha!!! your mom
BlondieMandyAsh (12:04:56 AM): it did. what a great party
jenny mooches (12:05:00 AM): awww yayyy
jenny mooches (12:05:07 AM): thats so.. touching
BlondieMandyAsh (12:06:10 AM): -stands and heads for the door- I'm going to the hotel. see you all for brunch tomorrow
jr simbalake (12:06:16 AM): night sugar

jr simbalake (12:06:43 AM): momma was a terrible manager. man
jenny mooches (12:06:49 AM): aww!
jenny mooches (12:06:57 AM): i liked her as my manager
Mister Gosling (12:07:01 AM): i've got nothing to say on that
jr simbalake (12:07:08 AM): exactly.
Mister Gosling (12:07:14 AM): hah yeah
jr simbalake (12:07:15 AM): ryan knew what was up
jenny mooches (12:07:40 AM): well, good things came outta that situation
jr simbalake (12:07:41 AM): she was great if you wanted her to knit you scarves and bake cookies or tour with nsync.
jenny mooches (12:08:05 AM): touring with nsync was the best! and I do love scarves ANd cookies
Mister Gosling (12:08:17 AM): yeah cookies are nice
jenny mooches (12:08:25 AM): hello, if she wasn't our manager, you'd have never met me. think about THAT!
jr simbalake (12:08:53 AM): now that ain't true, ariel. i bet i'd of seen you around pleasure island sooner or later.
jenny mooches (12:09:27 AM): yeah but you wouldn't have gotten to know me. just seen me sitting up on my rock, made a rude joke to trace about my shell bra and moved on
jlbassistant (12:09:43 AM): I didn't get to tour with nsync! I'm sad now
Mister Gosling (12:09:59 AM): shell bra!
Mister Gosling (12:10:03 AM): hahhaha
jr simbalake (12:10:05 AM): be glad. touring with nsync sucked.
jlbassistant (12:10:13 AM): oh, come on.
jenny mooches (12:10:16 AM): did not
jr simbalake (12:10:23 AM): no, it did. serious.
jenny mooches (12:10:30 AM): i freakin loved it. it made me happy
jr simbalake (12:10:58 AM): i fucking *looks around the small pizza joint* hated the fans. they were all nuts.
jlbassistant (12:11:13 AM): yeah, the fans are still a little crazed
jenny mooches (12:11:24 AM): *laughs* of course!
jenny mooches (12:11:50 AM): still fun though. lots of amusement parks, tour bus sex, and hello, hawaii! good times.
jr simbalake (12:12:22 AM): yeah... the days of britney. ugh.
Mister Gosling (12:12:30 AM): hitler!
jr simbalake (12:12:30 AM): she turned me into a fag. thank god.
jr simbalake (12:12:41 AM): her pussy poisoned me and sent me to who i'm supossed to be with
jlbassistant (12:12:59 AM): *snickers*
jenny mooches (12:13:02 AM): hm. good point. doesn't ruin my happy image though
jr simbalake (12:14:31 AM): i'm serious. fuck, you know her fucking man tells me "my girl used the pisser at jack in the crack. had to go so bad she used the mens room" what the fuck?? sick as shit!
jr simbalake (12:14:40 AM): everyone knows jack in the box is rank.
jenny mooches (12:15:05 AM): i saw pictures of that.. it was rather amusing actually
jr simbalake (12:16:20 AM): she's sooooo gross to me. why'd you let me fuck her? i blame you, jenny. and you ryan. ugh. you should of kicked my twelve year old ass for crushing her and not priss. i mean.. uh.. *whistles and grins*
jenny mooches (12:16:41 AM): I didn't know you til you were already fucking her, sorry
jlbassistant (12:16:46 AM): you can't blame me. Ididn't even know you then
Mister Gosling (12:16:50 AM): haha! im not sorry for that
jr simbalake (12:17:41 AM): jesse, count yourself lucky. i was a bigger loser then.
jlbassistant (12:17:59 AM): *snort* right.
Mister Gosling (12:18:25 AM): he was a pretty big loser
Mister Gosling (12:18:30 AM): with big hair
jr simbalake (12:18:46 AM): god *starts to turn red* the hair was sick.
Mister Gosling (12:19:20 AM): who wants to hear about how he tried to iron it down, with an...iron!!!
jenny mooches (12:19:26 AM): AWW! no thats mean
jlbassistant (12:19:45 AM): Awww I've seen pictures I liked the hair
jenny mooches (12:19:58 AM): i can't say that i liked the hair
jenny mooches (12:20:08 AM): but the prolonged torture doesn't seem necessary
Mister Gosling (12:20:30 AM): I've got nothin else to say about it
jr simbalake (12:26:09 AM): the hair was gross. *runs my hand over my shaven head* there's a reason i keep it short.
jenny mooches (12:26:33 AM): you should get long massive curls like keri's. that'd be sexy
Mister Gosling (12:26:38 AM): ahhaahhhah
Mister Gosling (12:26:48 AM): that would be fucking scary
jr simbalake (12:30:02 AM): ........no
jenny mooches (12:30:34 AM): alright alright fine
jr simbalake (12:30:40 AM): so mean
Mister Gosling (12:31:05 AM): it was funny when keri's hair was as short as yours though
jr simbalake (12:33:23 AM): damn, her and me looked like twins for a hot minute
jenny mooches (12:33:41 AM): definitely cute
Mister Gosling (12:33:54 AM): fuck, i'm going to the hotel. Don't eat without me tomorrow.
jr simbalake (12:33:55 AM): no, scary
jr simbalake (12:34:06 AM): night goose. see ya' for brunch
jenny mooches (12:34:18 AM): cute!
Mister Gosling (12:34:22 AM): *walks out of the pizza bar with Christina*
(12:34:23 AM) Mister Gosling has left the room.
jr simbalake (12:34:43 AM): no scary
jenny mooches (12:34:50 AM): alright alright
jr simbalake (12:34:56 AM): dude.. i think i'm going to head to the hotel. ya'll ready?
jenny mooches (12:35:07 AM): yes, I think so
jenny mooches (12:35:12 AM): screw jack off and his dirty pizza
jr simbalake (12:35:34 AM): we can grab a pretzel on the street.
jlbassistant (12:35:44 AM): sure
jenny mooches (12:35:53 AM): ooh! pretzels! *yawns* so wait, once more.. where am I sleeping?
jr simbalake (12:37:35 AM): got you and trace a room at the hotel. shit, we all got rooms there.
jlbassistant (12:37:49 AM): I got a room earlier
jenny mooches (12:37:51 AM): ohhh. see you, gotta tell a tipsy blonde girl this stuff
jr simbalake (12:38:46 AM): ain't that hotel nice, jesse?
jlbassistant (12:38:59 AM): It's a great hotel
jr simbalake (12:39:05 AM): man, i love it. i always wanted an excuse to stay there and thought this was the perfect excuse.
jenny mooches (12:39:17 AM): I like the brochure! how long do we get to stay?
jr simbalake (12:39:49 AM): well, i got the rooms for one night but if you want an extra one *Wiggles my eyebrows at you both*
jlbassistant (12:39:59 AM): *laughs*
jenny mooches (12:40:29 AM): nahh *laughs* I'll just have to come back someday when I know I'll remember the whole thing
jr simbalake (12:41:30 AM): you know, this is a great time of year to see memphis too. and graceland. it's all done up for the holiday
jlbassistant (12:41:45 AM): I think I'm heading back to LA tomorrow
jenny mooches (12:41:59 AM): aw! well maybe we should stay an extra day or 2 then J, show us the sights
jr simbalake (12:42:00 AM): yeah? i think we are too actually. jc's work and all.
jenny mooches (12:42:04 AM): booo
jr simbalake (12:42:29 AM): there's always christmas. shit, my mom already invited the chasez's here for that holiday too. it's nuts.
jenny mooches (12:43:15 AM): I think my momma will cry if I don't spend some christmas time in ohio.. but theres lots of christmas time to go around!
jr simbalake (12:44:20 AM): i hate christmas to be honest. and my birthday.
jenny mooches (12:44:43 AM): aw i love christmas.
jlbassistant (12:45:00 AM): I am pretty sure my mom will kick my ass if i dont' go to florida for christmas. I got out of thanksgiving, but she threatened to come ot LA and beat my ass if I didn't
jlbassistant (12:45:02 AM): and I believe her
jenny mooches (12:45:15 AM): haha! my momma doesn't threaten, but she'll make me feel guilty
jr simbalake (12:45:33 AM): man, i just have the worst luck during this holiday season. i'm scared shitless of it.
jenny mooches (12:46:24 AM): yeah i know what you mean *nods*
jenny mooches (12:46:27 AM): how do you feel about new years?
jr simbalake (12:48:17 AM): hate it too
jenny mooches (12:48:25 AM): oh *frowns* i'm a big fan of that one
jlbassistant (12:48:30 AM): you dont have good holidays?
jenny mooches (12:48:43 AM): there has to be sooome holiday you can find good things about..
jenny mooches (12:50:08 AM): 4th of july?
jenny mooches (12:50:13 AM): oooh columbus day is nice
jlbassistant (12:51:02 AM): Arbor day.
jlbassistant (12:51:06 AM): you got to love planting trees
jenny mooches (12:51:13 AM): good one, good one
jr simbalake (12:51:57 AM): those aren't so bad. fuck i'm tired.
jenny mooches (12:52:14 AM): oh good. glad we found some tolerable ones. *laughs* lets get some sleep
jlbassistant (12:52:22 AM): I'm actually getting tired myself
jr simbalake (12:53:27 AM): man, we're lame asses.
jlbassistant (12:53:34 AM): *laughs*
jr simbalake (12:53:39 AM): i feel fifty
jenny mooches (12:53:50 AM): we are not! this totally counts as "late" its what, 3am?
jenny mooches (12:53:52 AM): LATE!
jlbassistant (12:55:43 AM): i think this counts as late.
jenny mooches (12:55:50 AM): definitely. it must

people were puppeted in during the chat as well as when i went to post this. people who asked, i made a point to get you added. ;)
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